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Enzi Media’s Fresh New Look!

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Enzi Media: Exclusively Original.

Enzi media, a leader in the TV production industry & Corporate film, is pleased to announce the launch of their newly redesigned corporate website, along with an updated logo. Seeking a more modern look while retaining the recognizable aspects of the Enzi media brand, the new logo brings with it a refreshing new feel and design element that reflects Enzi Media’s focus on great original, inspiring and entertaining content.

As Enzi Media moves into a significant growth period, the bold new look is part of a transformation to increase awareness, appeal to new markets and broaden its reach within the East Africa region.

“This re-branding is a reflection of our  most important goals: embracing the new, which is accomplished by focusing on creative originality, coupled with outstanding client-focused value. This vision is further developed through our new website, which allows us to focus on the stories that our projects tell, both about our clients and our company. ” Kevin Kimathi,  Founder|Director

As the company continues to grow, leadership has made several changes to keep up with demand &  shift their focus into becoming a fully fledged TV content Hub:


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Logo – As shown above, the first component of the new brand identity is the revision of the logo, which conveys the company’s strong, unique value proposition.  Enzi is swahili for origin. We have used this to illustrate Enzi Media being the origin of unique and original Tv Content and corporate films.

Website – The redesigned website incorporates the look and feel of the Enzi Media brand and serves as an informational resource that incorporates success stories and competitive information.


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Office Move – The company has moved its headquarters closer to Nairobi Central district by moving to Westlands (Delta Corner Tower 2, Chiromo Road) which provides a more visible, modern and accessible location.

Enzi Media Office  Kenya

Exciting times are ahead for us. Our values, quality and mission have not changed therefore you can expect more of what we have been offering:  fresh exciting and exclusively original content.

For media inquiries or more information please contact  us on  020 231 5062